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Travel Steamer – The Best Handheld Devices for Vacations!

Published by - September 21, 2020 9:17 pm -

Meet your new travel buddy - the trusty Travel Steamer, because crinkled and creased clothing just won't do!

Traveling gives you no choice but to fold and roll up all of your clothing into a tiny little luggage for transport.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and finding that all of your tops, dresses and clothing items are wrinkled, crinkled, and creased.

Yes, there are such a thing as garment bags, but let’s be real – when flying on a plane, garment bags aren’t really an option.

While most hotels do offer irons and ironing boards, there is definetely a more simple solution and that is what we are going to talk about today: the portable Travel Steamer – your new travel buddy!

Technology has done wonders for steamers in recent years and now they are smaller, more powerful, and more amazing than ever!

On the hunt for that perfect travel steamer?

We’ve got you covered because crinkled and creased clothing will not impress if you are headed to a meeting, conference, wedding or just a tour around a new city.

Let’s get started!


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Here are the Best Travel Steamers of 2020:

Travel Smart Conair Steamer

Travel Smart Conair Steamer


This little handheld steamer has a few features that we love like a folding handle to make it even more compact but so easy to hold when in use.

We also love that the power cord is 8 feet long so that you can have some more room to move around as you are steaming.

Furthermore, it comes with worldwide dual voltage so that you can use it anywhere in the world you travel, whether it be for business or pleasure.

It does only last 10 minutes before needing a refill, but the odds are you aren’t steaming more than 10 minutes on vacation!

Key Features:

  • 10-minute steam time or less
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Detachable bristle and lint brush
  • Worlwide 450-watt, dual voltage
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Folding handle
  • Steams at most angles
  • Kills germs, bacteria, bedbugs and dust mites

Hilife Handheld Garment Steamer

Hilife Garment Steamer


This steamer has nearly 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon making it a crowd pleaser for sure.

And you can’t tell fro the photos but this garment steamer is actually barely bigger than the latest iPhone!

Somehow the manufacturer figured out how to get you 15 minutes of consecutive steam time, 700 watts of power, and a cord over 9 feet long.

All while keeping this tiny little steamer compact and travel friendly.

Key Features:

  • 240ML capacity of water
  • 15 minutes of continuous steaming
  • 700W Steamer
  • 9 ft power cord
  • Light weight and portable

Rowenta Travel Steamer

Rowenta Travel Steamer


The Rowenta Travel steamer is a two-in-one iron and steamer.

If you are a business traveler and need to iron thicker clothing items like suit jackets and pants, this is going to be your best option because you can not only steam, but iron as well.

This handy little gadget has 900 watts of power with fast heating ceramic plates so you can get the power of a large iron without the footprint.

The steam output is automatic and has high and low steam settings so you can adjust the steam on more delicate fabrics.

You can up to 15 minutes of steam time as well.

Key Features:

  • Two in one steamer and iron
  • 1600 Watts of power
  • Heated metal face plate for ironing
  • Works great with regular tap water
  • 6.76oz tank
  • 10 – 15 minutes of steam time
  • Adjustable steam setting for high-low steam output

Magitec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Magitec Steamer


Reviewers love the Magitec Portable Steamer because of its unique nozzle design which distributes the steam evenly, removing the stubborn wrinkles from clothes easily.

This steamer also has an automatic shut down system that turns the steamer off when it gets too hot or when the water level gets too low.

The 7-in1 multipurpose steamer can be used for removing wrinkles, cleaning, sterilizing and sanitizing, refreshing, treating and defrosting clothes.

Key Features:

  • Unique nozzle design to remove stubborn wrinkles
  • Fast heat-up time
  • 7-in-1 multipurpose steamer removes wrinkles, sanitizes and more
  • Super afforable

BIZOND Mini Clothing Steamer

Bizond Steamer


Happy customers that reviewed this steamer said one they they are extremely happy about is that it never drips water.

This steamer uses an electronic pump system which produces completely dry steam.

Although it takes longer to heat up, it produces steam at a steady flow. Just give it a good 2-3 minutes before using.

This steamer has a NANO Filter which means you can use it with tap water. The NANO filter protects the heating element from calcification and prolongs the lifetime of the devic

It’s lightweight, comfortable to hold, doesn’t get hot while steaming, simple to use, and yet does an outstanding job!

This handy little steamer even comes with a 3-year warranty!

Key Features:

  • It works great in all angles, even upside down
  • Compact design
  • 10 minutes of steam time
  • NANO filter for tap water

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Lemontec Garment Steamer


If simple, durable and straightforward is what you are looking for, then you will want to try the Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer.

For those that travel a-lot and are a little more rough with their luggage, this steamer is simple with not fancy add ons and will last your rough and touch travels.

It is basic and gets the job done!

Key Features:

  • 180 ml water tank
  • Long built-in 2 point cable
  • 70 Seconds to heat up
  • 9 minutes of team time

PurSteam Fabric Steamer with Travel Pouch

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer


Don’t let its cute little design fool you, this PurSteam Fabric Steamer packs quite the powerful punch!

It has an aluminum heating ball paired with patented steam channeling design that can fight even the toughest wrinkles.

This steamer also has multiple heat settings so that you can turn the heat up or down depending on the type of fabric you are trying to get wrinkles out of.

Key Features:

  • 90 second heat time
  • 7-in-1 use
  • Adjustable heat settings makes it safe to use, and gentle on even the most delicate fabrics – use it on satin, nylon blends, cotton, wool, linen, sequins, beads, embroidery, and more!
  • 1 year warranty

What to Look for in a Travel Steamer

Best Travel Steamers

  • Lightweight and compact so that it takes up minimal space when traveling, especially if you are only carrying on.
  • Minimal compartments and gagdets – this simply means its simple, easy to use and doesn’t come with a bunch of fancy add-ons. You want one that will just simply clip on  water tank and maybe a different nozzle and that’s it. Also look for one that has a compact cord or some way to easily wrap the cord for storage.

Steamers vs. Irons


Steamers and Irons both work to do the same thing – get wrinkles out of clothing. However, when it comes to travel, we personally prefer a steamer because they tend to be more compact, easier to use and work much faster.

You don’t need an ironing board when using a steamer which is really convenient when traveling, especially if you are in a small hotel room or an ironing board is not available.

If you are always traveling and on the go, a steamer is definitely more convenient. As long as you have water and a power outlet, you can use it.

We also love that you don’t have to apply any pressure with a steamer vs. an iron. Some fabrics like silk or polyester are more sensitive too heat and too much heat from an iron can burn and wrinkle the fabric.

Furthermore, you don’t have to push hard to force out wrinkles, the steamer does it so easily.

However, keep in mind that if you wear thicker, heavier clothing, an iron will work better than a steamer.


All of the steamers mentioned in this article are compact, lightweight and can handle dual voltages.

Best of all, they are portable and will make your travel so much easier!

What is your favorite travel clothing steamer? Leave it in the comments below!

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer
Bizond Steamer
Magitec Portable Travel Garment Steamer
Rowenta Handheld Steamer and Iron Combom
HIlife Garment Steamer
Travel Smart® by Conair