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Best Travel Jewelry Cases

Published by - September 16, 2020 10:41 pm -

Find the Best Travel Jewelry Cases so you Don't Spend Your Entire Vacation Untangling Necklaces and Rings!

If there’s any packing advice we can give you, its to compartmentalize your belongings.

You want pajamas in one area, socks and undergarments in another, and so on.

If there is one area of packing that is often overlooked its your jewelry and nothing is worse than arriving at your destination with a tangled up ball of jewelry.

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to have different earrings for each outfit, or are heading to a special event where rings, cuff links, or necklaces are in order, you’ll need to consider where to store the bits and baubles you bring along.

Luckily, there is no shortage of jewelry organizer cases and boxes and in this article we are going to review the best of the best.

If you are in need of a way to organize your favorite jewelry while traveling, read on!


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Here are the Best Travel Jewelry Cases of 2020:

Mckenna Leather Small Travel Jewelry Case



Keep your treasures organized while traveling with this adorable hard-case travel companion made out of bonded leather.

This case is small enough where it doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage, but roomy enough to include all of your favorite pieces.

The case includes a snap-button bar for securing rings, bracelets and more.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 4″ wide x 3.5″ deep x 2.5″ high
  • 4 color options: White, Blush, Grey, Porcelain Blue
  • Customizable monogram name can be added
  • Made of cardboard, bonded leather and ultra suede

Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Binder



You’re going to see a few Pottery Barn Jewelry Travel organizers in this post because they make some of the most beautiful and functional cases out there!

Keep treasures organized and protected in the McKenna Jewelry Binder, wrapped in bonded leather and lined in soft suede.

It features compartments for all of your favorite jewelry pieces with a zip closure to keep it all neatly organized and safe while you travel.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 5.25″ wide x 8.75″ long x 1.25″ thick
  • White, Blush, Grey, Porcelain Blue
  • Removable  panel for jewelry storage
  • Handmade of bonded leather with 100% polyester Ultrasuede

Vlando Jewelry Travel Case

Vlado Leather Jewelry Case


This is an Amazon favorite and for good reason!

For the price, you get a pretty darn good jewelry travel case.

It is light weight and the compartments are adjustable, giving you the option to change what you can fit in each space.

It’s make from synthetic leather which is really easy to wipe clean and is durable, yet looks expensive!

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 4.53 x 4.53 x 2.56 inches
  • Zippered closure with silver tone zipper pull
  • Ring rolls, elastic wall pocket, and 3 interior sections
  • Fully zippered closure.

The Container Store Travel Jewelry Box

Container Store Travel Jewelry Box


The Stackers Folding Travel Tray features five compartments to transport your favorite jewelry while traveling.

Each features a grooved base so multiples stack securely and you can easily add on as your collection grows.

Each jewelry box has 5 compartments to keep all of your jewelry in one place without them getting tangled.

Key Features:


  • Dimensions: 7.25″ x 4.75″ x 1.5″ h
  • Fully lined interior
  • Snap closure

Caroline Wolf Travel Jewelry Case

Wolf Travel Jewelry Box


Keep your jewelry safe with a distinctive, elegant case defined by its quilted exterior, gold-finished fittings and anti-tarnish LusterLoc lining.

WOLF specializes in top-of-the-line jewelry boxes and this box is not only beautiful, but so functional and roomy.

The main case features three compartments and a glass mirror, and the folding interior travel case has four compartments and six ring rolls.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 8 ¾”W x 4 ¼”H x 6″D.
  • Includes glass mirror
  • Three compartments and travel case with four compartments and six ring rolls
  • Turn-lock closure
  • Synthetic anti-tarnish LusterLoc™ lining
  • Leather

Nordstrom Brand Fold Up Jewelry Travel Box

Nordstrom Fold-Up Jewelry Travel Box


This gleaming faux-leather box has an abundance of compartments, tangle-preventing straps and holes to store and protect your jewels while you travel.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 5″ x 4 1/4″ x 2″
  • Snap-flap closure
  • Lined
  • Polyurethane/textile/cardboard

Estella Bartlett Mini Jewelry Box


Perfect for keeping your jewelry organized and protected while you travel, this zip-around jewelry box is stamped with an inspirational message across the top.

If you are looking for a more compact option, this is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 5”W x 3 1/4”H x 2 1/4”D
  • Two-way zip-around closure
  • Interior wall pocket; four ring rolls
  • Polyethylene/brass

Cuyana Leather Jewelry Case



Cuyana leather jewelry cases are fully designed with a tab for earrings, rings, and a pocket—a place for every piece in your collection.

These cases are on the higher end, more luxurious side and are carefully designed with a tab for earrings, rings, and a pocket—a place for every piece in your collection.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions:
  • 6 color options
  • Italian Leather
  • LWG Gold certified
  • Option to buy with monogram
  • Gold zipper pull with tassel trim

Cuyana Leather Jewelry Case
Estella Bartlett Mini Jewelry Box
Nordstrom Fold Up Jewelry Travel Box
Wold Caroline Small Travel Jewelry Case
Stackers Blush Folding Travel Jewelry
Vlando Small Jewelry Travel Case
Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Binder
McKenna Leather Small Travel Jewelry Case