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10 Best Nail Dipping Powder Systems

Published by - March 4, 2020 6:34 pm - ,

Get a Perfect Dip Manicure from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Dip powder nails have really grown in popularity in recent years for a few different reasons.

First of all, they last longer than acrylic, gel and even shellac.

Secondly, they are actually less expensive and the dip lasts longer than other methods.

Most likely your nails will grow out before their finish wears off with many of these lasting for 2 or more weeks.

Lastly, dip powder is the least damaging to your nails, doesn’t use LED light which can emit radiation, and has no noxious odor.

We don’t really see any reason why you would ever get any other type of manicure to be honest!

In this article we are going to share the top ten nail dipping powder kits to get you started on a beautiful, affordable, and long lasting manicure!


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Here are the Top Nail Dipping Powder Kits:

Gelish Acrylic Powder Nail Dip Basix Kit

Gelish Acrylic Powder Nail Dip Kit



The Gelish Acrylic Powder kit comes with the prep, base coat, activator, topcoat, and brush restorer.

You also get to choose your favorite Gelish dip powder as well.

The products have no harsh odors and don’t require lamp drying like shellac.

Gelish dip powder manicures are said to last up to two weeks without chipping.

Gelish French Tip Acrylic Powder Dip Nail Kit

Gelish French Tip Acrilic Powder Dip Nail Kit



If you love a classic french manicure, Gelish offers a kit with everything you need to do it yourself.

This kit comes with a nail surface cleaner, activator, prep, base coat, topcoat, brush resorrere, a mold, a nail file with two grits, and four dip powders.

With this kit, you get a detailed instruction packet and the mold helps you get the perfect “smile line” to achieve a gorgeous french manicure.

It even comes with nourish oil to rub into your cuticles when you are done.

Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit


With each jar of Revel Nail Dip, you get about 40 applications.

That is basically 40 manicures!

This starter kit comes with all of the essentials like the pro base, activator, finish gel, and brush softener.

The Revel Nail Dips should stay shiny and resistant to cracks and chipping for at least two weeks.

If you are looking for non-toxic and free of noxious odors, this is your brand.

Makartt Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit

Makartt Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit


Another great starter kit is this one by Makartt.

Included with the kit is the nail prep, base coat, activator, topcoat, and brush saver liquids.

You will also get an assortment of dip powders including white, blue, two shades of pink, and clear.

The finish is water-resisitant and non-yellowing and this product is odorless and non-toxic.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit


If you are looking for another kit that includes french manicure options, the Kiara Sky kit comes with white, off-white, and pink shades of dip powder.

The kit includes the base, bond, seal protect, topcoat, brush saver, and nourishing oil.

The base and topcoats will give you about 30 applications and you can get at least 50 applications from the powders.

Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit

Dipping Nail Starter Kit


Inside the box, you’ll find bonder, base, activator, sealer, and brush softener plus base and finish essential powder, Sheer Pink, and French White powder to achieve the perfect french manicure.

The kit should give you about 30 french manicures and each manicure should last you 3-6 weeks.

Because this is another starter kit, it also comes with easy to follow instructions to help you if this is your first time doing your own dip nails.

Dipwell Dip Powder Nail Kit with 6 Powders

Dipwell Pro Kit


Unlike the starter kit, this Dipwell’s Pro Kit includes even more colors.

It comes with the Base & Finish Essential Powder, Natural, Pink, French white, Sheer Pink, and Midnight Pink.

Each powder lasts for up to 30 uses and this kit comes with everything you need and more.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder, Student Starter Kit 4, Pink and White

SNS Nails Dipping Powder


If you are looking for a kit that includes all the basics like powders, necessary liquids, and everything you need for a french manicure, this has you covered .

It comes with a french dip mold to get the smile lines on nice and straight for french tip.

This product is also made in the USA.

TP Nails Care Value Starter Kit

TP Nails Care Value Starter Kit


If you have absolutely nothing for dip nails and are also on a budget, this is going to be your best value buy.

This kit have literally everything you need for a dip powder manicure including liquids, powders, plus a nail file, buffer, and a dust brush.

Inside this set, you’ll find crystal gel base powder, natural pink, ultra-white, red, creamy rose, and silver glitter powders.

There are also bottles of nail prep, gel dip, and gel activator.

Beauty Secrets Dip Kit Powder

Beauty Secrets Dip Kit Powder


Beauty Secrets Dip Kit Powder is durable and long-lasting and has a glossy shine look.

This odor-free dip kit comes with a variety of colors like bright pink and a few other neutral colors.

Although this isn’t the largest starter kit, it gives you all the basics from a really great brand.


Hopefully our list of the best nail dipping powders can get you on your way to saving time and money by doing your own dip nails at home.

Best of all, your nails will be healthier, the dips are non-toxic, and you will have longer lasting manicures every time!

If there are any other kits not listed above that you have used and loved, please leave them in the comments below!