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15 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions – With or Without Bronzer

Published by - May 3, 2020 9:21 pm -

Learn How to Even Out Tan Lines & Blotchy Skin after Being Outdoors!

Whether you have an upcoming sunny vacation, live in a climate that doesn’t offer a lot of tanning opportunities, or just love to be a bronzed babe year round, indoor tanning offers a solution.

However, simply tanning without moisturizing and offering some sort of protection to your skin might not be the best choice.

If you are going to indoor tan, why not get the most out of your time under the lamp?

Wearing a good indoor tanning lotion can help protect your skin from drying out and the ones that include bronzers will accelerate your summer glow.

Its a win-win scenario!

Indoor Tanning Lotions

In this post we are going to review 15 of the best self tanning lotions on the market, including those with and without bronzers.

We’ve included some that are good for fair skin and some that are hypoallergenic for those of you that have more sensitive skin.

If you want to achieve that sun-kissed look, read our reviews below and choose the lotion that best fits your skincare needs.

Let’s get started!


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Here are the Best Indoor Tanning Lotions of 2023:

Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula

Maui Babe tanning Lotion




Maui Babe tanning lotion is a very popular choice for indoor tanning goers.

It was invented by a man name Joe who was trying to save his family from being homeless.

To avoid losing everything and ending up on the streets, Joe invented this formula that instantly bronzes your skin and helps your tan darken naturally.

Some of the ingredients in this lotion include: Kona coffee extract which has caffeine to stimulate blood flow, Kukui nut oil which is a natural remedy for sunburns, and lots of Vitamins A, C and E which are antioxidants and help protect against ageing caused by UVA/UVB rays.

This tanning lotion can be used indoor and outdoor which makes it economical and more practical.

Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer



If you have sensitive skin, then this is the indoor tanning lotion for you.

Hempz products are hypoallergenic, vegan and free of parabens, dyes, and perfumes.

Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer is made from pure hemp seed oil, oatmeal, and mango seed butter.

You can see that the ingredients are natural and gentle on the skin and will help soothe and protect your skin while tanning.

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

Devoted Creations TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter


Two things we love about this lotion is that it absorbs beautifully into your skin and does not leave a greasy residue.

Secondly, it helps you achieve a nice base tan without leaving any streaks that some lotions with bronzers do.

One plus to this lotion is that is protect your tattoos from fading.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Dark Natural Bronzer

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Darn Natural Bronzer


Infused with Tea Tree oil, the Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Bronzing lotion will give you a small tingling effect while you tan.

This lotion has instant bronzers as well as tanning intensifiers so that you can bronze much faster, even for hours after you leave the tanning salon.

If you have fair skin, this is your best option.

The lotion has henna and caramel which will give your skin a bronze appear just by applying it.

The Biosine Complex stimulates pigment production to help speed up the tanning process.

Other ingredients like aloe, panthenol and moisturizers protect and keep your skin healthy.

Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Austalian Gold On the Prowl


If you have some celulite you want to address, this lotion can help!

The Australian Gold On the Prowl Lotion evens skin tone and fills in the texture to make your skin look flawless while you tan.

It also includes erythrulose and DHA to enhance the bronze effect and self tan your skin before or after the tanning salon.

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion


This tanning lotion is not for the beginner, but rather for those that are advance tanners and already have a nice base tan.

This lotion has a fresh citrus scent that blocks the burned scent some lotions give you after a tanning session.

Swedish Beauty is great if you tan regularly and on your lunch break and don’t want to go back to the office smelling like you just left the beach.

Pink Diamond makes the skin blush to speed up the tanning process.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion



If you have tattoos that you want to protect while tanning, this is a great lotion to do just that.

Infused with tyrosine and melanin, this lotion will speed up your tanning and continue to work at tanning you for hours after you’ve left the tanning bed.

Customer reviews rave about the great fragrance of coconut oil and how soft it leaves their skin.

Not only that, but it contains a proprietary ingredient called “Body Fit” that claims to hide the appearance of cellulite.

This product is also recommended if you have pale skin that burns easily.

Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Tanning Intensifier Bronzing Lotion

Ed Hardy Peace and Harmony



If you feel like your skin is already ageing and you want to be a little more cautious about exposure to UVA/UVB rays, this lotion can help.

Green tea extract and wheat protein help rejuvenate the skin and protect it from early signs of ageing.

It also has MelanoBronze dark tanning activators to accelerate your tan in less amount of time.

Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot Warning Mega Extreme

Ed Hardy Body Shots lotim



Another Ed Hardy product we love for tanning is their Body Shots lotion.

This lotion will leave you looking red and sunburned when you leave the tanning booth, but don’t worry, that redness will turn into a beautiful bronzed glow.

The extreme hot formula intensifies your tanning session to speed up melatonin production which gives you an extra deep, dark tan.

This product is not recommended for those with pale or sensitive skin.

Millenium Tanning Black Chai Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Millenium Tanning Black Chai Bronzer


Don’t let the bottle fool you, this lotion has a soft, fresh clean blossom scent.

The formula contains tyrosine, erythrulose, and caramel instant bronzer to intensify your tan in a shorter period of time.

Green tea helps combat signs of ageing.

This lotion will leave you smelling good and looking bronze.


Australian Gold JWOWW One


Unique blends of raspberry, beeswax, yogurt, and shea butter makes this lotion buttery soft and so good for the skin.

The tanning intensifier makes you tan faster but is still gentle on the skin while providing protection to tattoos.

This really is a “one and done” product.

Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion

Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion



If you want a hypoallergenic option, here is another great one.

It is free of parabens, gluten, and propylene glycol.

Primary ingredients include aloe, glycerin and sunflower oil to hydrate and moisturize while you catch your rays.

We also love this because it adds a little shimmer to your skin as well!

Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion

Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion


Snooki always has her summer glow strong so it’s no wonder this lotion is named after her.

The tyrosine speeds up the tanning process to deepen your bronze.

If you are looking for a darker color bronze, this is it.

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer W/ Hair Growth Inhibitors

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer



Do you feel like your leg hairs grow super fast and that your legs just seem to tan really slow?

Well we have a solution for you!

The Supre Snooki lotion addresses all of your leg’s beauty needs from a deep, dark tan to less hair growth and an ultra moisturized feel.

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

Self Tanner with Organic and Natural Ingredients by Beauty Earth


Last but not least is this Beauty by Earth Self Tanner.

It is chemical and paraben-free and hypoallergenic for those that have sensitive skin.

The tanner is vegan and has not been tested on animals and will get you a nice bronze tan without any harsh chemicals or irritants.

How to Get the Most from Indoor Tanning

To get the most out of your tanning sessions, here are a few things you can do to prepare and look out for.

The first thing you want to do before a tanning session is exfoliate your skin and remove any makeup or lotions.

A quick shower and gentle body exfoliating wash can achieve this.

This gets rid of the dead skin allowing for a deeper, darker tan.

If you have never been tanning before, you will want to start with only a few minutes at a time to avoid getting a sunburn.

Getting a sunburn is really bad for your skin, so you want to avoid it at all costs.

Speak to the customer service representative at your local salon regarding how long they think you should stay in the tanning booth for your first time.

They will be able to guide you as you continue to build a base tan.

It takes a while to safely build a base tan, especially if you have fare skin.

If you have an upcoming trip or event, be sure to plan in advance in order to achieve the results you want.

While you are in the tanning bed, be sure to lay flat on your back but make small movements every few minutes to make sure all of your creases and areas get tan.

If you are claustrophobic, you can find a salon that has standing beds.

Wait to shower for 2-3 hours after your tanning session, especially if you are using any tanning lotions.

This allows the lotions to really work their magic before being washed off.

Last but not least, relax and enjoy your tanning session and soak up the Vitamin D!

If you have any other questions, that staff at your local tanning salon should be able to help you.

You can also leave any questions or comments in our comment section below!